otherside by aaron dennis
otherside by aaron dennis

Blurb- A man witnesses a murder. The deceased speaks in riddles. Vertigo settles in….
Adja wakes to learn he’s got the mojo. The old woman teaches him the ways of Voodoo. He must stand alone, under the guidance of Bear, against Snake, a villain, a murderer, an innate force, but there are other forces amidst the crack between the worlds.
Are you brave enough to journey…to the otherside?

Genre- ??? Horror? Speculative Fiction? Urban Fantasy? Like, I really don’t know how to classify this one, but on Smashwords it’s listed as: Fiction » Urban Fiction » Visionary & metaphysical

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My Rating- 5 meows!!!! It’s the cat’s pajamas!

My Review- Meow-kay…. The protagonist, who is never actually named but referred to as Adja, is kind of a dufus, party-boy loser, who seems to have a friend in the real estate business, and together, they go to party in New Orleans, but almost immediately, while running to a liquor store, he stumbles across a murder. After the murder, the dead man’s mojo goes into Adja, he passes out, and he wakes up to find an old Creole woman tending to his health. It turns out she’s the grandmother of the murder victim, and since the victim chose to give his mojo to Adja, she takes him as her pupil to teach him the ways of Voodoo in order to survive, in order to exact revenge!

This is not actual Voodoo, not that I know actual Voodoo, but Dennis, the author, states that it is a fictional rendition of Voodoo, which includes hexes, charms, shape shifting, and even astral travel! Super neat-o!

Meow, the book is broken down into 4 short stories, and each serves as either a chapater or its own tale. In the first tale, Adja learns the prelims of Voodoo and goes to take on the man who killed the old woman’s grandson, and what struck me as cool is that no one in the entire book has a name! They are called by either their animal guide or something else; i.e. Adja, J, Snake, Bear, Eagle, Old Woman, etc. No one turned into a cat though 😦

The second story consists of Adja doing a favor for Bear, his guide. The favor is to find friends among the tribes and track down Dire Wolf, a ghost spirit, woooooo spooky pooky!

In the third story, something has happened to Bear, and Adja–with no more powers–has to find a way to help Bear by travelling directly into the spirit world, the Otherside, as it is called throughout the book.

Finally, in the fourth story, Adja has to battle a mysterious spirit that is trying to steal his body.

Never, never ever, in my life have I read something like this. All I can do is provide you with a reading from the book, which I think you’ll enjoy. Tall Tale Tv does a great job here, and I suggest that both readers and writers check out the website. readers will get to hear interesting stories, and writers can get free readings of their stories. No one loses!!!

Now that you’ve heard an excerpt, I strongly recommend that you guys at least download a free sample from Smashwords. Of course, you can also buy it right here.

Thanks so much for reading my review of Otherside by Dennis! Smooches!


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